I know therapy can be intimidating. I hope that these FAQ’s will help to put your mind at ease. 


What can I expect from my first counseling appointment? 

During the initial session I want to hear from you and gain a clear understanding of your goals and what has caused you to seek counseling.


My last experience with counseling wasn’t great. How can I make sure that this is a good fit?

Counselors are not one size fits all. Finding the right therapist is crucial to your therapeutic journey. This is why I highly encourage you to utilize the Free 10 Minute Consultation. Also, please be sure to tell me what you found helpful about your last experience and what you didn’t find very helpful. This helps me know what you are looking for. 


What makes you different from other counselors?

I practice from an integrative perspective. Which means I utilize multiple holistic health strategies to help you reach your goals. Nutrition is one specific way that I do this. I also utilize positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and energy psychology techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique and breath work. Working from a space that when we slow down and become more in-tune with our body we create space and strategies for healing. Slowing down means something different for everyone and that’s where I work to meet you right where you are and help you discover the power you already hold to move towards healing.


What if I don’t want to make nutrition changes?

In therapy you alway have a choice as to what changes you make. All I ask is that you have an attitude of willingness to explore it.


How much will it cost? Do you take insurance?

My fee is $130 per 50 minute session. I currently accept Anthem, Optima, and Optum insurance. If you have a different insurance policy you can use your Out of Network benefits or private pay. 

Nutritional Therapy Consulting 


What is Nutritional Therapy?

In short, Nutritional Therapy focuses on a food first approach to healing your body. It includes work for digestion, blood sugar balance, hormones, autoimmune, and weight loss. I encourage you to head over to my blog where you can read all about Nutritional Therapy!

How do I get started?

Your first step is to reach out! You can contact me through email: amber@ambercarver.com or schedule a FREE 10 minute phone consultation here.


What can I expect from my first nutrition appointment?

Ahead of your first appointment with me, you will complete a thorough health assessment. You know all of those annoying things you’ve been noticing (gas, bloat, headaches, joint pain) or maybe ones you haven’t noticed? This assessment looks at all of that and more to help us put a plan of action into place. You will also complete a 3-5 day food journal prior to the appointment. During your first appointment I review my findings with you and we work together to implement strategies to begin the healing process. During this session we also discuss your goals and any past experiences you’ve had with food changes.


How much will this cost and do you take insurance?

$250 includes the initial assessment intakes, food journal review, and two 53 minute appointments. I am private pay only. I do accept HSA & FSA cards, credit cards and checks.

What happens after the first two appointments?

After your first appointment, based on your specific goals and needs, we discuss future appointments, your budget, and packages.


Do you have an office or do you work remotely?

Both! I see clients in person and I also provide telehealth options!

Are you going to give me a million supplements?

In short, no. I offer a food first approach to healing. However, there are times that I will recommend professional grade supplements to help you meet your goals.


What all is included if I continue working with you?

1:1 Nutrition Consulting Includes:

  • In-depth symptom analysis

  • Personalized diet, supplement, & lifestyle action plan

  • Education

  • Support to help you achieve your goals


Do you give me a meal plan to follow?

This is not a service that I typically offer. I do make personalized diet recommendations and help you learn how to create meals that fit your lifestyle. I believe that by helping you create your own meal plan you are much more equipped to continue your health journey on your own. However, it is something you can add on to your service.