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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my first counseling appointment? 

During our initial session, I want to hear from you and gain a clear understanding of your goals and what has caused you to seek counseling.


My last experience with counseling wasn’t great. How can I make sure that this is a good fit?

Counselors are not one size fits all. Finding the right therapist is crucial to your therapeutic journey. This is why I offer a free 10-minute consultation, so we can both assess whether it is the right fit. Also, please be sure to tell me what you found helpful about your last experience and what you didn’t find very helpful. This helps me know what you are looking for. 


What makes you different from other counselors?

I practice from an integrative perspective. This means I utilize multiple holistic health strategies to help you reach your goals. Nutrition is one specific way that I do this. I also utilize positive psychology, motivational interviewing, emotion based therapy, and energy psychology techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique and breath work. I believe that when we slow down and become more in-tune with our body, we create space and strategies for healing. Slowing down means something different for everyone, and that’s where I work to meet you right where you are and help you discover the power you already hold to move towards healing.


What if I don’t want to make nutrition changes?

In therapy you alway have a choice as to what changes you make. All I ask is that you have an attitude of willingness to explore it.


How much does professional counseling cost? Do you take insurance?

My fee for professional counseling is $130 per 50 minute session. I currently accept Anthem, Optima, and Optum insurance. If you have a different insurance policy you can use your Out of Network benefits or private pay.


How much does nutritional therapy cost? Can I use insurance?

It is $275 for a nutritional therapy initial assessment and follow-up session. I also offer two nutritional therapy packages that include more comprehensive support, and these are both priced at $795. I am unable to accept health insurance for nutritional therapy. However, I do offer a payment plan.


Do you do any testing?

Based on my findings from your assessment, I may recommend advanced laboratory testing. This type of advanced functional testing can provide us with more clues about what may be causing your digestive problems or other symptoms, particularly if you’ve already tried many things to fix your symptoms that have not worked.


Are supplements part of nutritional therapy?

Supplements can certainly be part of our action plan, if we determine they would be beneficial. The supplements I recommend to my clients are pharmaceutical grade, which means they are top quality and do not include the fillers and dyes often found in drugstore supplements.


How many sessions do I need?

This is based on your individual goals and health needs. We regularly revisit your goals and the anticipatory timeline. Keep in mind that this is a holistic approach addressing multiple angles and there isn’t a timeline on healing. 

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