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Stop the symptoms & start living healthy and empowered

Wellness and nutrition coaching for overwhelmed, high achievers, who are ready to feel great and live the life they know they're capable of!

Nutrition Audit

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You aren't looking for a full nutrition plan or to sign on to 3 months of intensive coaching, just gentle guidance in the right direction with a few tips and tricks all from an expert who can help. You want an expert to take a look at your day to day eats and help move you along the path of wellness. 


That's why I'm offering a nutrition audit! 

  • Complete a Goal Based Questionnaire and Food and Mood Journal. 

  • Receive a personalized video from me that is filled with recommendations to help you move forward with your health goals.





3 Month 1-1 Nutrition Coaching


Get a thorough assessment of your nutritional health, then get the tools and support you need to start healing your body, decreasing your symptoms, and finally feeling healthy and empowered. Includes:

  • 1-hour nutritional intake session

  • 1-hour session to discuss your customized action plan

  • 6 biweekly 30-minute nutrition coaching sessions

  • Additional training and support along the way including food and mood journal bi-weekly reviews so you make consistent momentum in your health every single week.

  • Follow-up assessment with review and recommendations for next steps

$997 Paid in Full or 3 Monthly Payments. 1st payment $197 followed by 2 payments of $497.

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