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For high achievers who are ready to stop the cycle of symptoms and start healing from the inside out

Amber Carver Integrative Counseling & Nutrition Consulting Branding Headshots Yours Truly

Hi, I’m Amber!

I’m passionate about helping high achievers attain sustainable energy and improve digestion, so they can be fully present in their life without sacrificing their health. 


I know what it’s like to feel like you’re on a symptom roller coaster. Like all the things you try just don't work or aren't sustainable. I have suffered from a variety of issues—from food sensitivities and bloating, to blood sugar irregularity and anxiety. Basically a bunch of things that seemed pretty random and disconnected.


That is, until I started putting the pieces together. When I started my career as a counselor in private practice, I began to see there was a connection between nutrition and mental health. I realized that if I could help my clients address their nutritional issues, I could make a huge impact on both their physical and mental health, allowing them to live their best most aligned life!

After working with Amber I learned that I could take control of my health and there was so much more that I could do to improve my quality of life.


Amber Carver Integrative Counseling & Nutrition Consulting Branding Headshots Yours Truly
Healing from the inside out. Let's get to the root cause!

As I began helping clients understand health from a functional and holistic perspective they began to feel empowered in their own health journey.  


My clients could now see their health from a holistic perspective—how everything was working together to create the outcomes they were experiencing. Armed with this knowledge and the tools to make lasting changes, my clients were finally, truly healing.


The incredible transformations I’ve seen, not only in my clients’ lives but also in MY life, are the reason I do what I do.


  • If you’re sick of feeling exhausted all the time…

  • If you’re done running from doctor to doctor trying to fix your symptoms…

  • If you’re ready to be empowered in your health journey…


… then my friend, you’re in the right place. Welcome! I can’t wait to guide you toward your healthiest life.

Ready to get started?

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