Stop the symptoms & start living healthy and empowered

Mental health and nutritional therapy for women who are ready to take control of their health and create lasting change in their lives

Have you tried everything to fix your symptoms, but you’re still struggling to feel healthy and whole?


Maybe some of these sound familiar…

  • You’re frequently anxious, stressed or exhausted.

  • You struggle to find the energy to make it through the day.

  • You’re dealing with digestive issues that just don’t seem to be improving.

  • You’ve tried so many things to get better... but you still don’t feel well.

  • You’re over feeling this way, and you’re ready to get to the root of the problem and finally heal—for good.


Friend, if this sounds like where you are, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with so many women who have struggled with frustrating symptoms that made it difficult to enjoy their lives. But I have good news: you do NOT have to stay stuck.




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Integrative Immersive Therapy Package 

Discover the connection between your nutrition and mental health, and learn how to take control of your symptoms and start healing in both mind and body. Includes:

  • 2-hour individual intake session (includes both therapeutic and nutritional intake)

  • 1-hour session to discuss your customized action plan

  • 3 1-hour nutritional therapy sessions

Starts at $795


3-Month Nutritional Therapy Package

Get a thorough assessment of your nutritional health, then get the tools and support you need to start healing your body, decreasing your symptoms, and finally feeling healthy and empowered. Includes:

  • 1-hour nutritional intake session

  • 1-hour session to discuss your customized action plan

  • 6 biweekly 30-minute nutritional therapy sessions

  • Weekly email support

  • Follow-up assessment with review and recommendations for next steps

Starts at $795



Get the tools and support you need to overcome roadblocks, reduce your stress and anxiety, and start your journey toward an emotionally healthy life.


  • 1-hour therapeutic intake session

  • 1-hour counseling sessions

  • $130 per hour, insurance accepted

  • *For Virginia residents only

Starts at $795

"Working with Amber helped me in a lot of ways! I had the accountability I needed, but also the help and support. From things as small as reading a label and giving an opinion over text from the grocery store, to helping me identify the foods that were causing poor reactions with my body, working with Amber was a game changer and I hope to again soon to take on my next health goals!"


My Process

All services can be performed virtually or in person if you are local to the Virginia Beach area.


Follow up on your questionnaire answers and deep dive into your goals.

Get in Touch.

​Fill out the contact form here to let me know you’re interested.

Action Plan.

1-hour session where I present my findings and recommendations for how to move forward.


Free 10-minute phone consultation to determine if we’re a good fit for each other.​


We’ll evaluate your progress, work through roadblocks, and discuss tools and strategies.


Fill out intake forms prior to our first session.

Next Steps.

We’ll determine what your next steps are and whether to continue working together.

Amber Carver Integrative Counseling & Nu

What I offer at Integrative Counseling & Nutrition Consulting is more than a quick fix. To truly improve your symptoms and help you feel better for the long-term, we address your health from a holistic perspective. Then we create a plan to address your symptoms and empower you with the tools and support to create your own change.

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