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Don't Get Spooked

Halloween doesn’t have to leave you and your kids on a sugar high with upset bellies. It also doesn’t have to leave you inevitably filled with regret, or that there wasn’t another option. You just had to eat the rest of the candy, right? As parents with strong values around health, (physical, mental, and emotional) when my husband and I were faced with the candy laden holidays or events, it was a struggle. On top of that, we are a primarily dairy and gluten free household. This combination could easily leave us as parents feeling like we were scarring our kids by not letting them participate in these activities. Or even worse, our kids would be feeling left out with the possibility of emotional damage going against a health mindset. We all know that if you restrict, restrict, restrict, it leads to rebellion. Instead, we decided to work hard on educating our kids on why we don’t eat certain foods. For example, they know that red food coloring impacts your brains ability to work and that if they eat dairy laden treats their bellies will hurt.

My kids get to celebrate Halloween just like their friends do. We go trick or treating and I make sure to have a few approved treats, like the Enjoy Life chocolate bars or the dye free fruity candies that they can enjoy. Then on Halloween night the candy fairy visits and takes their bags of candy and leaves behind a small toy or book. Honestly, my kids are happier with a new toy than they are with all that candy.

This has worked well for us in that our kiddos get to participate, have fun, enjoy a few treats, and they don’t feel yucky afterwards. On top of that I’m left knowing that I’m doing my part in standing by our values. It’s important to me not just with my kids, but also when I’m working with clients that no one feels deprived. Sometimes we have to remove certain foods to heal, but I am always there to help find an enjoyable replacement. I don’t believe that deprivation works in the long run. We have to address the underlying issues and learn to live a lifestyle.

Now as for all of that leftover Halloween candy, check out your local dentist’s office, a lot of the time they’ll collect it and I’ve even heard they’ll exchange it for a toothbrush or sticker. Are you looking for Halloween candy alternatives?

Click here to get my guide to a healthier Halloween!


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