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What is Nutrition Therapy?

Nutritional therapy focuses on helping others achieve maximum wellness through investigation, assessment, food and mood journaling, motivational interviewing, all based on a foundation of whole foods. We focus on the six pillars for health: digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, nutrition, mineral balance, and hydration. These six pillars all work together in providing optimal health and wellness. When one is out of balance the rest of the body is impacted. Let’s take a sky view look at each pillar.

Photo Credit: Nutritional Therapy Association, NTA

Digestion. Digestion is all based on the idea that if we are not absorbing the nutrients we are taking in or digesting the foods we eat, then we are not getting the benefit of eating nutrient dense foods. Your digestion might be off if: you are experiencing bloat, your bowel movements are irregular, or you have heart burn.

Blood Sugar Regulation. When your blood sugar levels are stable they provide you with consistent energy and reduce stress on the body. Allowing you to say goodbye to energy crashes and finally be able to kick sugar to the curb. Your blood sugar might be off if: you have a hard time getting up and going, you experience fatigue, or you get hangry.

Fatty Acid Balance. Healthy fats are a huge source for stable energy, excellent brain function, balancing your hormones, and feeling full after meals. Did you know that if you aren’t getting enough of the right fats your body struggles to absorb minerals? Your fat intake may be off if: you lack energy, experience brain fog, or are hungry shortly after meals.

Mineral Balance. Minerals are your body’s spark plugs. They help your body have strong bones and balance out hormones. Your minerals may be off if: you experience cramping, fatigue, muscle spasms, or irregular cycles.

Hydration. Did you know that water makes up 60% of the body? Water is the key nutrient for our body. You may not be properly hydrated if: you are experiencing fatigue, joint pain, headaches, and overall poor body function.

Nutrition. Nutritional therapy is founded on the concept that real, nutrient dense, properly prepared whole foods, is fundamental for health and wellness. What we eat truly defines our health. Your nutrition may be off if: you are eating quick fix frozen meals or pre-made meals, you are consuming foods with multiple hard to pronounce ingredients, and your favorite vegetable is the French-fry.

Nutritional therapy is for you, if one of these things is off or all of them. If you are experiencing fatigue, not sure what it means to eat a nutrient dense whole foods diet, or if you just want to fine tune your health. Why does this matter? When our body isn’t functioning at an optimum level our life is not being lived to its fullest potential. While the symptoms listed above may be common, they aren’t normal!

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